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At CBE Customer Solutions, we offer a comprehensive suite of business process outsourcing services designed to meet the unique needs of your business. From exceptional customer service to expert issue resolution, and regulatory compliance, our tailored solutions help you acheive operational excellence. 

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Customer Service

Let us support your customers’ needs with our advanced technology and trained agents, allowing you to concentrate on your core business services. Our professional approach enhances the customer experience, leading to higher satisfaction and loyalty. Our agents are experts in handling all customer touchpoints, representing your brand at the highest level. By entrusting us with your customer support, you can ensure consistent, high-quality interactions that reflect positively on your business and drive long-term success.


CBE expertly handles detection, monitoring, and analysis of real-time situations and confirms the authenticity of suspicious transactions. We provide unparalleled guidance and support that protects your customer, increases their satisfaction, and, ultimately, their loyalty to your brand. CBE’s expertly-trained staff make the correct decision quickly to identify potential fraud trends and stop future loss. We’ll also go a step further and provide information to improve your current systems and processes. Let us protect your customers’ identity and transactions while protecting your brand.

Tech Support

CBE understands that technology issues can be incredibly frustrating for your customers. That’s why our trained representatives are equipped to ask the right questions to quickly diagnose problems. We provide clear, step-by-step advice and maintain a friendly, patient attitude throughout the process. By resolving issues efficiently, we help ensure your customers feel supported and satisfied, enhancing their overall experience with your brand.

Pre- and Post-Sales

Let us help your organization earn the trust of prospective customers during the pre-sale experience and ensure customer loyalty and satisfaction after the sale. We’re the engine behind your customer experience, seamlessly integrating with your brand. Every day, we interact with your customers, address their inquiries via automated platforms, and captivate them with our representatives’ compassion and empathy.

Customer Management

Guarantee exceptional customer service by delegating warranty, renewal, sales, and retention services to CBE. Our dedicated professionals expertly engage with your customers, effectively managing the critical business channels that drive your revenue. With our team handling these vital aspects, you can concentrate on other priorities without sacrificing the quality of your customer service. Trust CBE to not only maintain but enhance your customer relationships, ensuring your business continues to thrive and grow.

Call Overflow and Answering Services

Prioritize your customer service and keep your business running efficiently with CBE’s call overflow and answering services.  Our friendly customer service representatives will take calls, transfer calls when needed, professionally answer questions, and keep an accurate record of who is calling. Those customers who call after hours or on the weekends can be assisted as well. CBE keeps your customer impressions and interactions positive and helps you get valuable time back in your day. Let us handle your phone lines while you gain productivity and focus on the core parts of your business.

Dispatch Services

We know emergencies don’t always happen during normal business hours. Customers experiencing an emergency are relying on your services for immediate help, and that’s where CBE steps in. Our customer service representatives are trained and able to nimbly handle emergencies that require dispatch services. We ensure that these customers are never waiting to get assistance and are always receiving optimal service, no matter the time of day or night.

Customer Success

Quality customer engagement from day 1 is key to customer satisfaction and loyalty. Not paying enough attention to each stage of the customer journey can result in an unhappy customer, impacting your brand and revenue. CBE knows what it takes to keep a customer for life, and we handle these critical steps for you. Our staff expertly blends problem-solving skills, excellent communication strategies, and empathy to proactively assist customers with product or service education, follow up on updates or recalls, handle renewals or upselling, collect comments and feedback, and any other engagement your business requires.

Licensed Roles

CBE understands how difficult it is in today’s business environment to retain qualified and dependable staff, and it can be even harder to hire and retain licensed staff with specialized skill sets. Whether you need accounting, insurance, medical coding, IT, or legal professionals, we can help. Let us expertly manage the burdens of finding suitable talent, compliance concerns, and labor costs so your business can perform better.

Hotline Services

Make sure your customers or employees can contact you quickly and receive critical attention. A successful hotline requires the correct strategy and sufficient resources, and CBE delivers both through our Hotline Services. Whether you need an expert touch with compliance, a whistleblower, a healthcare screening, or an employee attendance hotline, we are here to help manage this important component of business communication.

Issue Resolution and Help Desk Services

Protecting end-user satisfaction is just as critical as gaining a new customer. CBE knows that dedicated in-house resources to the Help Desk or Issue Resolution support isn’t always feasible in today’s business environment. Our skilled representatives provide this critical end-user support and help your business effectively maintain customer satisfaction in times of staffing shortages and shifting priorities.

Appointment Scheduling

Avoid the hassle of patients missing appointments and being double-booked by relying on CBE’s empathetic and understanding CSRs. Our team engages with your patients, ensuring they feel valued and heard. Our streamlined processes are fully HIPAA-compliant and tailored to the specific needs of your practice. By allowing us to handle your scheduling, you can maintain an organized and efficient calendar, allowing you to focus on delivering excellent care. Let CBE help you enhance patient satisfaction and streamline your operations.

Insurance Verification and Follow-up and Denials Management

Move your healthcare back-office operations to CBE and focus entirely on patient care. Our insurance specialists handle insurance verification to ensure patient claims are approved and costly denials are eliminated. We strive to meet and exceed your expectations by maximizing insurance claim reimbursements. With industry expertise, we analyze and resolve denied claims while offering strategies to prevent future denials.

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