Mission Statement

CBE is dedicated to leading the ARM industry by focusing on compliance and innovation. With these obligations in mind, we also aim to drive positive changes in collections through engaging consumer interactions, advanced technology, and a committed, ethical team that delivers results. We believe these commitments will collectively improve our customers’ experiences.

Our company milestones not only chronicle our history, but weave a story of growth, innovation, and steadfast commitment to our mission. This narrative inspires and reassures our customers, investors, and new team members alike, showcasing our ongoing dedication to excellence and forward momentum.


Global Locations


Women in Leadership


Workforce Growth in 2023

Guiding our Company:

Meet the Executive Leadership Team

Meet our esteemed executive leadership team, a group of visionary professionals dedicated to steering our organization towards new heights. These individuals are at the forefront of our innovation and operational excellence, bringing with them a rich history of success and expertise to CBE Group. 

Tom Penaluna


Erica Parks

President & CEO

Nick Michael

Chief Risk Officer

Alex Reed

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Albert E. Smothers

Chief People & Diversity Officer

Melissa Bechtel

Chief Financial Officer

Craig Cappelle

Chief Information Officer

Meet our Senior Leadership Team

Meet our senior leadership team, a dedicated group of leaders who are instrumental in shaping CBE Group’s future through strategic decision-making and exemplary guidance. With a focus on cultivating talent and driving efficiency, they empower our teams to achieve exceptional performance and sustainable growth. 

LeGrand Bonnet

Senior Vice President,

Amanda Jones

Vice President, Fraud

Jeff Stewart

Vice President, Analytics and Call Center Communications

Jonas Bacani

Vice President, International Operations

Kristen Rowles

Vice President, Organizational Development and Training

Misty Reinard

Director, Client Relationship

Energizing DEI+B for Long-Term Progress

As an organization that has built its success on “doing the right thing”, we diligently incorporate diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging into every department, process, and decision. It’s an integrally woven part of our culture. 

We have created internal systems and policies that foster diversity, equity, and inclusion to grow and flourish, including a DEI Committee & Advisory Committee, DEI framework, employee resource groups, and cultural holidays. 

Leading the Charge

At CBE we are proud to be led by a visionary CEO. Gender diversity in leadership is not just a statistic for us; it’s a testament to our commitment to inclusivity, innovation, and progress that directly benefits our clients. 

Parks’s guidance has been instrumental in shaping a culture that values and promotes women in leadership roles, with women now comprising 58% of our leadership team. This stance sets a powerful example within the industry, showcasing the positive impact of diversity at the highest levels of management.

Looking for a place where your skills can thrive? Explore a world of opportunity with us! Visit our Careers page to discover the various positions available, learn about our culture, and find out how you can contribute to our success. Come be apart of our growing team – your future awaits! 

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